RAW Approach



Dancer/choreographer/founder and artistic director of RAD|Renay Aumiller Dances, Renay Aumiller, with help from four dance artists she admires, came up with a bold approach for an evening of dance. Under the umbrella of Durham Independent Dance Artists’ fifth season, Aumiller and the other artists: Murielle Elizeon, Megan Mazarick, Tommy Noonan and Matthew Young will perform process-based solo work today (Jan. 11), Saturday (Jan. 12) at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and Sunday (Jan. 13) at 6 p.m. at The Fruit, 305 S. Dillard St, Durham, NC.

To purchase tickets, go to https://www.didaseason.com/ and click on Season 5.

Audience size is limited to 50 people for each performance.

While all of the performers are taking risks in these solos, each took a unique approach, Aumiller indicated in an email interview.

“What we do have in common is that we are inviting audiences into our process of making dances,” Aumiller said. “These aren’t finished pieces of choreography but they aren’t works-in-progress.”

And, the audience is invited to join in this process, Aumiller added.

“For example, Tommy [Noonan] is performing a solo based on how the audience is witnessing his raw material in real time. Matthew [Young] is inviting the audience to sit in the same space in which he is dancing. And, I am inviting the audience to contribute words or phrases to a computer program that will randomly generate a dance score for me to perform instantaneously,” Aumiller explained.

“The key is the audience is ‘invited’ to participate. Everyone will have the option to simply enjoy what they are watching,” Aumiller added.

But instead of sitting and watching these solos unfold, all audience members will travel to performance spaces in the basement as well as first and second floors of The Fruit, a renovated, historic warehouse in downtown Durham.

Locally based Aumiller, Noonan, Elizeon and Young are no strangers to appearances in past DIDA seasons.

Megan Mazarick will make her DIDA debut in this program.

“She moved back to the area last year after living in Philadelphia and abroad for over a decade,” Aumiller said.

“Megan Mazarick is a choreographer who makes work that is humorous, serious, theatrical and personal, often including a stop-action physicality and love of fantasy,” Aumiller has noted.


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